Monday, 30 December 2019

Introduction to Photoshop Elements - By Paul Lack

Introduction to Photoshop Elements (this is not a BPC event)
Malvern Library
Thursdays January 16th – March 26th
10am – 12noon
£100 for the whole course

Photoshop is a very powerful programme – but very difficult to teach yourself.  

This 10 week course covers the basic edits on the ‘simplified’  version called Photoshop Elements, and then dives into selections and layers – the bits that allow you to change parts of the picture and get really creative.  Then we look at removing and adding elements, combining pictures, panoramas, text design, art effects – the sky is the limit (oh yes, we swap skies around too!).  

Computers are supplied or bring your own.  Basic competence on a computer is needed but nothing more – we start from the beginning.  If you can handle a ‘Word’ document or similar, then you’re fine.  

It’s a small, friendly group, with a maximum of 10 people, which allows Paul to support everyone individually.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

DPI 2019 Competition

Congratulations to everyone who entered!

Two categories: Foundation and Experienced with16 entries in the former and 33 in the latter made the 2019 digital image competition at Birlingham Photography Club something of an occasion.

The broad remit helped to attract a wide range of genres from photographers of all abilities, using everything from compacts to DSLRs.  However, given the many and varied elements which went into the competition the single thread running throughout was the dedication, skill and professionalism of everyone who entered.

These things take a lot of time and energy to put together, not least for the photographers who make their images, manipulate where necessary, re-size and then submit to meet the deadline!  A big thank you goes to everyone who went to great lengths to compete.

The visiting judge, Peter Siviter, brought out the good in every image and made any comments about an image's shortcomings proactively, offering guidance on making the image and any post production that might rectify the fault.

Peter's first prize for the Experienced category was awarded to Tissy Davidson for her beautifully crafted mono image taken at London's Tate Modern.  Runner up certificates were presented to Clive Griffiths for his stunning waterfall and Tony Woods for his pin sharp and perfect heron in flight.

In the Foundation category, Peter awarded top prize to Elaine Castleford for her captivating image of Ladybower Reservoir, made when she was on the 2019 BPC Bash to Derbyshire.  Peter's runner up awards went to Jean Young for her close up and personal image of fungus with a Tudor backdrop and Elaine Castleford scooped a runner up certificate as well for her quintessentially bucolic photograph of autumn trees.

The judge's awards were followed by the popular vote and for the second time in a row the judge and the people are in complete agreement, with Tissy and Elaine receiving the people's popular vote prizes.

Congratulations to everyone who took part - all of the photographs were of a very high standard, some would sit well in major exhibitions, so think big and check out what's out there and cast your net further!

Tissy Davidson receives her prize
from Peter 

Elaine Castleford receives her prize
from Peter Siviter

Winner - Experienced Category
Descending the Gallery Staircase by Tissy Davidson 

Runner up - Experienced Category
Grey Heron by Tony Woods 

Runner up - Experienced Category
Swirl by Clive Griffiths 

Winner - Foundation Category
Ladybower by Elaine Castleford

Runner up - Foundation Category
Autumnal Scene by Jean Young 

Runner up - Foundation Category
Arley Arboretum by  Elaine Castleford

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

BPC 2020 Weekend Bash - sells out in 8 hours!

Reserve list is now open

Many thanks to everyone who booked their places on the minibus for the 2020 BPC Weekend Bash - the bus sold out in eight hours!

We also have four people using their own cars, so if anyone would like to consider doing that please let me know and I can add you to the supplementary list so that you're included on all communications about the group meals, changes to the itinerary and so on.

If you would like to add your name to the reserve list please let me know.  This list, subject to demand, may turn into a list for a similar weekend event in autumn 2020 - no commitment at this stage and this will only run if there is sufficient interest to hire the minibus.

Those booked on the minibus will pay £10pp, which includes vehicle hire, vehicle insurance, driver (thanks Graham), fuel and car parking throughout the weekend.  I will collect the transport payments at the January BPC meeting.

Overnight accommodation may be booked at the Premier Inn, Morland Road, Glastonbury BA6 9FW.   

We shall stay overnight on the 4th April, make an early start for a sunrise photo shoot and then return to the hotel for breakfast at the adjoining Brewer's Fayre pub/restaurant and check out of the hotel.

The itinerary is action packed and there is a wet weather plan - just in case.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

HDR software - for free!

Aurora HDR 2018

If you have yet to reach page 72 of Digital Camera (issue 212) you're missing out on a free download.

Aurora HDR 2018 is perfect for your HDR images!

Raw or Jpeg, it shuffles your bracketed shots, aligning them as it goes and even deals with any ghosting that may have occurred.

Lots of presets to choose from and can be used as a plug in with Adobe LR, PS and Elements as well as Luminar and many other key brands doing the rounds.

Visit - you'll need your name and email address, but that's all they ask for.  Simply copy and paste the access code and away you go!

After watching the tutorial and half an hour playing with the presents, filters, layers etc. a total novice turned the top picture into the bottom one - not a work of art, but easily done and an improvement on the rather dull original.