Sunday, 3 February 2019

HDR software - for free!

Aurora HDR 2018

If you have yet to reach page 72 of Digital Camera (issue 212) you're missing out on a free download.

Aurora HDR 2018 is perfect for your HDR images!

Raw or Jpeg, it shuffles your bracketed shots, aligning them as it goes and even deals with any ghosting that may have occurred.

Lots of presets to choose from and can be used as a plug in with Adobe LR, PS and Elements as well as Luminar and many other key brands doing the rounds.

Visit - you'll need your name and email address, but that's all they ask for.  Simply copy and paste the access code and away you go!

After watching the tutorial and half an hour playing with the presents, filters, layers etc. a total novice turned the top picture into the bottom one - not a work of art, but easily done and an improvement on the rather dull original.