Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Sometimes, things just work!

The following message was received this morning (17th March) from Barbara Lincoln. It's all pretty much self-explanatory and members might like to see that in our busy lives we have managed to help one of our young photography friends.

Well done Amelia, keep up the good work!

Good Afternoon Birlingham Photography Club members,

I just wanted to say a quick word of thanks! As a youth services librarian and educator, I've been running a fun beginner photography class for 12-14 year olds, and I thought you all might enjoy hearing that we were able to get some great use out of your club's website and photography links list. We were even able to use some of this information for our most recent group project! Thanks so much for sharing!

One of our youngest, Amelia has also asked me to share the article where she initially became interested in photography with you all, "Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners". I've listed it below if you'd like to review!

Initially I was a little hesitant to reach out, but I thought this actually could be a really fun photography addition for anyone else coming across your information as a beginner, like Amelia! Although we won't be meeting for a few weeks as a precaution due to the Coronavirus, I'm still in touch with the group and their parents, and wondered if you wouldn't mind adding this one to your list? I find a little encouragement goes a long way - and I would absolutely love to surprise Amelia and the rest of the library group if you do choose to include it! 

Thanks again for all your help,
Barbara Lincoln