Saturday, 2 January 2021

2021 BPC Photography Competition

As we see the back of bad boy 2020 and look to, hopefully, better horizons for 2021, BPC launches a brand new photo comp which holds something for photographers of all genres and at all levels.

Based on four rounds or seasons, the competition allows members time to consider the images that they want to capture and at within nicely paced timeframe.

Here's how it works..

Four rounds/seasons per year

Season - Deadline - Subject

Winter - 1st April - Macro/closeup/abstract - from any genre

Spring - 1st July - Image taken outside - from any genre

Summer - 1st October - Light and/or shadow - from any genre

Autumn - 1st January (2022) - Food and drink - from any genre


Up to 10 points will be awarded for technical ability and a further 10 points for creativity/composition per photo per season, making a maximum annual score of 80 points available. Scores will be uploaded to the website for each season. Points will be awarded for a wide range of criteria including, but not limited to: clarity and detail, creative use of shutter speeds, best use of depth of field, detail retained across the whole image, effective use of lighting, creative composition and view point, using and/or breaking the rules of photography to good effect and capturing the 'decisive moment'.


1. Exclusive to BPC Members and free to enter.

2. One image per member per season, making a maximum of four images across the whole year (you do not have to enter all seasons, but this will affect your final score).

3. Deadlines and remits must be adhered to - please email or WeTransfer your image to

4. Post production image manipulation - please limit this to straightening and cropping only.

5. Although images may be taken at any time during the year, your seasonal submission must be made within the relevant season ie no carrying forward.

6. Images must be submitted as jpgs, with a file size no larger than 2Mb and the longest side of the image no greater than 2000 pixels.

7. All entrants retain copyright on their work but give permission for their image/s to be used on the BPC website and for publicity purposes.

8. The judge's decision is final.