Saturday, 7 May 2022

Portraiture course with Paul Lack

Portrait Photography Course, May & June 2022


It’s a six session course based in Whitbourne, near Bromyard.  We will have a maximum of twelve participants so that I can give everyone proper attention. 


We will be looking at:

·         What a portrait is, how to approach it, what makes a good portrait, planning a shoot

·         Lighting - studio flash and natural light

·         Posing and framing, and keeping the subject engaged

·         A photo-shoot with a keen amateur model(s) in a fabulous location

·         Reviewing our work, choosing what to show

·         Processing



·         Wed 18th May morning 10 - 12

·         Wed 25th May morning 10 – 12.30

·         Wed 8th June morning 10 – 12.30

·         Friday 17th June evening  6 – 9 pm

·         Wed 22nd June morning 10 – 12 or a bit more if needed

·         Wed 29th June morning 10 – 12 “    “

·         All at the Village Hall in Whitbourne WR6 5SD, except the evening shoot which is at Whitbourne Hall (the country house) WR6 5SE



·         Starting fee is £100, but if we get enough people I can reduce that a bit.


What you need:

·         Your camera.  Any camera will do.  More important to be familiar with it than to have a posh one.

·         There will be homework, including a pre-course task, and I will be strongly encouraging you to write reflections between sessions, as well as doing some practical work.

·         If you have a laptop for reviewing and processing then please bring it.  I have a few, but not enough to go round.


What I will provide:

·         Venue

·         Studio Flash set up & backdrop

·         Model(s) for the photo-shoot at Whitbourne Hall

·         Some refreshments


The tutor

I have been a keen photographer for much of my life, and started teaching it in community centres and libraries over ten years ago.  My main interest has always been portraiture, which I offer on a semi-professional basis here:, and I also use my photography to promote local voluntary organisations including Longlands:  .


What to do now

Email me to ask questions or give a definite yes/no to

I will collect fees near the start of the course.