Exhibitions & Competitions


And now for something completely different!

Birlingham Photography Club's 2022 competition takes a completely different format to anything that has gone before! 

With the continual threat of C-19 issues, 2022's competition is 100% digital and held as a monthly competition, allowing everyone to dip in and out of the action as their circumstances allow.

How it works

1.    Deadline is the last day of every month from February to December.
2.    Photographs will be digital and emailed or WeTransfered to meet the monthly deadline.
3.    Each month has a theme (see below) and members are encouraged to interpret the theme however they like, but ensuring that there is evidence of the theme in an image for the judge to work with.
4.    Digital images should measure no more than 1600 pixels on the longest side. Square images should be up to 1600 pixels on each side. Images which don't meet this criteria will be disqualified.
5.    Digital submissions must be jpegs with a file size no greater than 5Mb. Images that don't meet this criteria will be disqualified.
6.    All work should be the authors.
7.    Submission of archive images is permitted.


Judges will be looking for:

Technical excellence
Creative compositions 
Inventive interpretations of the theme
Story telling if at all possible

"If your shots aren't interesting then stand in front of more interesting subject matter and if that still doesn't work try different angles, points of view, shutter speeds etc. Make the ordinary extraordinary!"

In-camera functions and post processing

Time for a little creativity. Whether it's Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz or any of the other amazing post-processing software packages out there, the 2022 monthly club competitions welcomes as much or as little processing as photographers would like to do.

For those who haven't got the software or don't like post-processing, trying something new with the camera, such as intentional camera movement (ICM), finding the multi-exposure button in the menu or simply switching to monochrome is an easy way to create something different.

And Prizes?

Yes, there will be prizes. Sorry, not the latest camera body from Sony, but the overall winner every month will receive a little something as a reward for committing the time and effort.


The February Challenge

As it's St. Valentine's Day the theme is togetherness. This could be love, affection, friendship, comradery etc. Ranging from holding hands to shaking hands (C-19 permitted of course). Whether it's a romantic walk on a beach, the footballers' hug after the goal has been scored or a one man (or woman) and his/her dog moment, the key here is connection.

The March Challenge

It's St. Patrick's Day in March, so the theme is green. Simple as that! Go green, whether it's the actual colour, an environmental shot, green with envy, green as the day they were born - you choose!

The April Challenge

Ahhhh - British Summertime is back and to celebrate we're looking for images which show that. Could be something to do with clocks and calendars, but could equally be something about new growth, spring flowers, butterflies, reflections on the water or even just a pair of flip flops.

The May Challenge

We're going abstract for May. Abstract is the perfect way to create something absolutely stunning out of something which might only have started out as an 'everyday' type of shot. There are plenty of whistles and bells on virtually all of the post-production software packages, so explore those buttons and see what can be achieved. No software? No problem! Use intentional camera movement, try it, get used to it and add this fantastic little trick to your creativity toolkit.

The June Challenge

Another June and another Royal Jubilee, they seem to come around with alarming frequency!  This one is platinum, so shoot royal, 70, metallic, shades of grey (as many as you like, it doesn't have to be 50!). This is a tricky one and aimed to bring out the invention in you!

The July Challenge

Macro is our theme for July. The pressure is off this month as we reach for macro and close up lenses and choose our subject. However, still life is not an easy genre, especially around story telling, so not as easy as it may first appear.  Give it some thought! 

The August Challenge

Ever heard of Yorkshire Day or Minden Day as it is often called? Held on the 1st August it's a celebration of all things Yorkshire. Puddings, teabags, cricket, the white rose of York, Ed Sheeran, stainless steel or those funny little dogs that fit into handbags! Take your pick, or maybe you will be lucky enough to make a visit and photograph some of the iconic spots such as Ribble Viaduct, York Minster, The Shambles or Whitby Abbey.

The September Challenge

Is all about landscape. As the days start to shorten, sunrises and sunsets land at more convenient times of the day, creating wonderful golden hours for landscape photographers. This challenge welcomes seascapes and cityscapes, so don't feel the need to rush to the top of the Malvern Hills, unless you want to of course!

The October Challenge

Monochrome. It's all there in black and white! The October challenge welcomes images from any genre providing it's in black and white.

The November Challenge

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Guy Fawkes, bonfires, lanterns, sparks, fireworks, modern day politicians and influencers, the House of Commons or maybe something simpler than that: baked potatoes, steaming mugs of warming soup, toffee apples, gingerbread people and hotdogs all make for accessible subjects.

The December Challenge

It had to be Christmas didn't it, or the mid-winter solstice, whichever suits you! Shops piled high with goodies, Christmas trees, light and decorations, reflections on the water, food, drink. Well, it's Christmas isn't it, so just about anything could fall into this challenge. If something a little more sedate is your thing, the solstice at Stone Henge or images of other ancient religious sites would fit the bill just as well, it doesn't necessarily have to be about tinsel and turkey!

2022 May Club Competition Entries - the theme is 'Abstract' 

Many thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to submit an image to the 
May club competition. 
Congratulations to our winners and runners up: Mark, Sheila and Robert and also to everyone who submitted as simply getting the camera out and taking on the challenge is a win in itself.

One or two images fall outside the definition of 'abstract', so whilst the judge appreciated those images and has commented upon them they didn't meet the dictionary definition.

The Oxford Dictionary of English definition of the word ‘Abstract’:

Relating to or denoting art that does not attempt to represent external reality, 

but rather seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, colours, and textures.

Abstract by Mark

Judge's Comment:

An excellent interpretation of the theme. Although it’s probably architecture 

the viewer needs further evidence to work out where or what it is.

First runner up
My Umbrella by Sheila

Judge's comment:

A colourful image of an umbrella with a difference. If less ICM had been used it would be 

too obvious and it would be nice to see the effects of a little more camera movement, 

however, the image just makes it into the genre and is a good example of what 

can be done with everyday subject matter.

Second Runner up
Fire Engine by Robert F.

Judge's comment:

A very busy image with lots for the viewer to take in. Fits the theme well.

 Would benefit from removal of the text in lower right hand corner.

Thistle by Ann

Judge's comment:

A beautifully crisp and clear image with a Delft-like quality 

to the blues and pale grey. May have benefitted from a more severe crop 

to increase its abstract quality, as it stands it can be identified as something ‘real’.

From this to this by Barbara

Judge's comment:
A very interesting interpretation of the theme, however,
submitting three images falls outside the brief.
The architecture and close up shots both meet the definition of 'abstract'.

Red Arrows Fantasy by Brian

Judge's comment:

An interesting take on something which is very real, bringing it into the 

realm of ‘abstract’. Nice use of colour and there is a real 

‘vortex’ which drawers the eye into the centre.

Linn of Quoich by Clive

Judge's comment:
A very nice use of slow shutter speed on moving water and 
excellent retention of sharpness in the surrounding rocks. 
Unfortunately, the image doesn’t quite make it as an abstract image.

Unnamed by Colin D.

Judge's comment:

This type of image creates great beauty out of the mundane 

and fits the abstract theme. It may have benefitted from a further crop 

to remove the lens flare and over-lit area towards the bottom edge.

Dahlia by Elaine

Judge's comment:

A beautiful image which would work well in a frame as wall art. 

Sadly, it doesn’t fit the definition of ‘abstract’ art, but it is well captured

 and the conversion to mono works well.

Abbey Ghost by Kevin

Judge's Comment:

An excellent interpretation of the theme. It would be nice to see it cropped 

to square and/or panoramic to see if the different perspective make a difference.

Rockpool Snail Art by Jean

Judge's comment:

Very unusual image of trails in the sand, probably going unnoticed

 by the majority, however, the image doesn’t quite make it into the 

abstract genre, although a more severe crop may have zoned in 

on the trails whilst eliminating the surrounding evidence which

 tells the viewer what it is.

Abstract by Rose

Judge's comment:

A very nice interpretation of the theme and very sharp throughout, 

which demonstrates good field craft.

Staircase by Steve R.

Judge's comment:

Good observational techniques are vital for this image, however, the edges left and 

right include stairs which tell the viewer what they are looking at. 

A more severe crop would have placed this further into the abstract genre.

Abstract by Tim

Judge's comment:

A very unusual variety of subject matter, although it’s clearly 

the bark of a tree, so difficult to fit it into the theme of abstract. 

Again, a severe crop or getting closer in for the shot would possibly

 have presented a more abstract image.

2022 April Club Competition Entries

Hot Spring 
by Ann
Judge's comment - "Nicely exposed and good red/green contrast. 
Possibly a little tight in the frame, a step back could
 have given the image additional context. Nice shot."

Tip toe through the tulips
by Barbara
Judge's comment - "Certainly a shot which fits the theme. 
Try going in close to capture the detail in the petals, 
making it more abstract or macro."

By Brian
Judge's comment - "Nicely spotted and I like the contrast and 
the triangles of thatch and sky. The wisp of cloud 
frames the thatcher very nicely."

Mighty oak
by Clive
Judge's comment - "Nicely observed and the luminance of the leaves
 against the bokeh background works well. 
Good use of rule of thirds and low F-stop."

Fields of gold
by Elaine
Judge's comment - "An excellent interpretation of the theme. 
The lead in lines of the fence could have been more prominent 
with a step to the right taking the left edge of the fence further 
up the frame and the tree on the horizon is slightly clipped.

Riding home
by Kevin
Judge's comment - "Not an easy shot to create as the sun often burns out, 
so this is good work. The foreground might benefit by some extra lightening, 
however, the silhouetted surfer is perfect in the composition."

by Paul M.
Judge's comment - "Definitely fits within the theme, a little more light 
on the subject would make it pop out from the background.

2nd Runner up
Having fun on the beach
by Rose
Judge's comment - "The photographer has successfully retained the detail in the 
highlights and I particularly like the reflections in the water. Ideally the male 
figure would be placed right of centre to be looking into the frame, if the photographer
 had taken a couple of steps to the left it may have helped the composition."

Sunglasses on baby!
by Steve R.
Judge's comment - "A very novel interpretation of the theme and nicely 
exposed with good saturation. I also like the panoramic crop. 
The reflections are a little distraction, this may have been overcome by 
shooting from a different angle."

1st Runner up
Surfing the curl
by Tim
Judge's comment - "An exceptionally good capture and using a 
short shutter speed has retained detail in the surf and spray.
 The surfer and board is well positioned and the foam gives good detail 
in the foreground. A shot that was worth waiting for."

2022 March Club Competition Entries

Again, thanks go to the 14 BPC members who rose to the challenge of 'Green' - which included the colours, environment, newness and St. Patrick's Day.

The Winner

New Growth
by Kevin

1st Runner Up

Green and murky
by Clive

2nd Runner Up

One green bottle
by Steve R.

by Elaine

Green 4
by Graham

Green machine
by Ann

Brimstone butterfly
by Jean

Angistri green waters
by Jim

by Lorraine
(Unfortunately this image didn't meet the 
sizing criteria of the challenge)

by Rose

Family headstones
by Sonia

by Tim

2022 February Club Competition Entries

Many thanks to everyone who took up the February Photo Challenge, themed love, friendship, teams, companionship, family - basically anything to do with being part of something in a friendly, supportive or loving way.

The February winner and two runners up will be announced at the 1st March Club meeting.

Yes or no? February winner

Did it! February 1st runner up

Icelandic nursery day out - 2nd runner up

Two swans

(Unfortunately, this image didn't meet the sizing 
criteria of the challenge)

I will always love you

Puppy Love

Paul M.

Room with a view

Heads up!!!
Steve R.

2021 Club competition final results

Round 4 Entries and Scores 

and there's everything to play for!

Many thanks to every photographer who submitted images to the 2021 club competition.  It was a difficult year and a difficult competition, with virtually no post-production editing allowed, the entire collection is straight out of camera. Congratulations to everyone, fantastic work, boxes thought outside of and new territory encountered.

The winners are:

First place        Steve Reynolds with a total of 64 points out of 80

Runner up #1   Colin Davisdon with a total of 63 points out of 80

Runner up #2   Paul Marsh with a total of 62 points out of 80

The rest of the results

Joint #4 Jean, Clive and Ann

#5           Barbara

#6           Helen G.

#7           Elaine

#8           Jenny

#9           Lawrence

#10         Graham

#11          Ken F.

Members submitting to fewer than three rounds have not been listed.

Many thanks also to our visiting judge, Pamela Harradine, who made thought provoking and positive critiques of every photograph at the February 1st meeting.

Some of Pam's repeated observations include:

1.  Try taking a step to the left or right to see if the composition can be improved.

2.  Don't be afraid to try a 'severe' crop to see if it adds any improvement to the image.

3.  Turning the image upside down will help to check that the subject remains the focal point and that there are no distractions.

Overall Pam was very impressed with the quality of the images and dedication of photographers who had stayed the course, submitting four images over the year.  She congratulates everyone who took up the challenge and wishes them good luck with their photography in the future.

Waiting for deliver

All calories removed

A tasty snack

Let them eat cake
Colin D.

My herb and spice store

Food for the soul
Helen G.

Spider with lunch

Cat watching for scraps

It's beginning to look like Christmas
Paul M.

Sweetie Treasure
Steve R.

Round 3 Entries and Scores

Ann    15

Barbara    14

Brian    14

Clive    17

Colin    16

Elaine    14

Graham    12

Helen    13

Jean    16

Jenny    10

Ken    14

Lawrence    14

Paul    17

Steve    16

Round 2 Entries and Scores

Paul  15

Ann  15

Barbara 13

Brian  14

Clive  16

Colin D.  13

Elaine  14

Graham 13

Helen G.  15

Jean 11

Jenny  11


Ken F.  8

Lawrence  16

Pete A.  9

Sheila 13

Sue P.  7

Steve R.  15

Round 1 Entries and scores

Many, many thanks and congratulations to those who submitted images to Round 1.

This is just the start, three more rounds to go, plenty of time to get creative!

Ann - 14

Barbara - 14

Clive - 13

Colin D - 18

Elaine - 12

Graham - 11

Helen G - 15

Jean - 15

Jenny - 14

Ken F - 10

Lawrence - 14

Paul - 14

Robert - 8

Ros - 12

Rose - 13

Steve - 14