Thursday, 3 September 2020

Togs on tour!

What a great evening - Tuesday 1st September, the weather was with us and Worcester was a joy to visit.  

Starting at Worcester's cathedral, members enjoyed architectural, street, abstract and landscape photography as we wound our way through the city centre, eventually arriving at Fort Royal Park where a less than spectacular sunset was photographed - a classic case of 'we can't have it all'!

There will be other photo walks, look out for announcements on the programme page.

Cobweb by Angela Fitch

Ahhhh, the 1960's by Angela Fitch

Togs on tour #01 by Angela Fitch

Togs on tour #02 by Angela Fitch

Worcester Cathedral at sunset by Angela Fitch

Big Foot by Angela Fitch

Monday, 3 August 2020

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Winners!

Many, many congratulations to BPC members Jean and Tony for scooping April and September in the 2021 Worcestershire Wildlife Trust's calendar.

The competition was tough, judging must have been difficult and congratulations to all twelve winning images but especially our two very special BPC members.

Misty morning spider by Jean Young 

Harvest mouse by Tony Woods 

To view the winning twelve and all of the runners up, visit 

Thursday, 2 July 2020

BPC re-opens, Tuesday, 7th July

Fabulous news!

BPC will recommence monthly meetings starting on Tuesday, 7th July, 7pm - 8.30pm at Birlingham Village Hall WR10 3AB.

Numbers are limited and the usual sanitising and social distancing is compulsory.

For the July meeting, and until further notice, members are required to 
book in advance; failure to do so may mean that the available space prevents 'walk ups' attending - so sorry about this, but there is no option due to social distancing requirements.

BPC Member and top landscape photographer, Mark Waidson, will make a presentation about processing images in Adobe Lightroom.  Members attending should bring an 'untouched' RAW file (jpegs are acceptable, but RAW is preferred) of a land/sea/cityscape on a memory stick or SD card - Mark will demonstrate the astonishing difference a few seconds in LR can make to an image.  

For anyone who is unable to come to meetings, do please email any of your images that you would like to share via this website or join the WhatsApp group - email

Stay safe and well and see you soon!

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

9th June Golden Hour Mini Walkabout

Despite the cloud cover and flat light a handful of members met for another in our series of short photo walkabouts.  Unfortunately, the golden hour failed to show up, so we were faced with flat light - next time folks, bring flash heads with you!!

It was lovely to see people and the walk was as much about the social element as the photography; good to know that folk are well and doing their level best to cope with the confines of lockdown.

The next Golden Hour Mini Walkabout will be on Tuesday, 7th July, 7.30pm in Worcester.  Unless lockdown regulations change, numbers will again be limited, so booking is essential - email to register.  We shall meet outside the main entrance of Worcester Cathedral.

Here are a few images from last evening's walk.
Stay well one and all.

Reflections in the river
By Steve Reynolds 

By Steve Reynolds 

Lilies in the Avon
By Graham Harber

Here's looking at you!
By Graham Harber 

Summer stream
By Graham Harbef 

Pershore Bridge
By Graham Harber 

Cow Parsley
By Angela Fitch 

Elaine and friends
By Angela Fitch 

By Angela Fitch 

Lead in lines
By Angela Fitch 

Grass 01
By Angela Fitch 

Grass 02
By Angela Fitch 

Grass head (stacked shot)
By Angela Fitch 

By Angela Fitch 

A panda moment?
By Angela Fitch 

Lovely lady
By Angela Fitch 

Wild flower
By Angela Fitch 

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Golden hour mini walkabouts

Breaking free from our lockdown lives, six members joined Angela and Ken for a socially distanced walk through the lanes and fields of Birlingham.

We divided into two groups, one headed out to the wetlands and the other on a riverside meadow walk.  Sadly, all of the buttercups were over, the wildlife was operating its own lockdown and the cloud started to come in, so the golden hour was slightly more leaden than golden.

However, our intrepid few made, as always, what they could out of what they had: macro, wildlife and landscape were the flavours of the day and thanks to everyone who took time to take part.

There will be a similar walk, exclusive to members, on Tuesday 9th June, starting at 7.30pm - more details will be sent by email.

For now, here are the first few photographs from the 2nd June walk.
Stay well one and all and we shall see this through and meet up again on the other side.

Smile - you're on camera!
By Steve Reynolds 

Sunset over the meadow
By Steve Reynolds 

By Steve Reynolds 

Clouds and wild flowers
By Steve Reynolds 

Two can canoe
By Steve Reynolds 

Bredon Hill
By Robert Edwards 

Cow Parsley
By Robert Edwards 

Canoeing on the Avon
By Robert Edwards 

 Macro wildlife
By Colin Davidson 

Infra-red St James Church
By Colin Davidson 

Infra-red sunburst over St James Church
By Colin Davidson 

Thatched cottage
By Colin Davidson 

Cobweb Capture
By Ken Fitch 

Keep smiling
By Ken Fitch 

Golden Hour
By Angela Fitch 

Not quite sure why I took this!
By Angela Fitch 

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Photography Online - probably the best YouTube prog for togs!

If you have yet to discover Photography Online it's really worth looking at.

Set in Scotland, these hour long, monthly YouTube videos are packed full of content to suit most photographers.

Although genres are mainly landscape and wildlife, there is plenty of stuff around kit and techniques to keep most photographers interested.

The May session includes a really clever bit about Depth of Field, so if you struggle with the concepts of focal length, FStops, focus and bokeh this is definitely for you!

Free to join, no hard sell, no cheesy links with third parties, just good honest info from people who know what they're doing.

Check it out here

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Digital Camera online tutorials

Many thanks to Jim for sending in this link to dozens of online tutorials provided by Digital Camera, one of the better camera glossies on the market.

Lots of stuff about camera techniques plus software including PS Elements, which is a bit of a rarity!

The BPC WhatsApp group offers lots of interesting snippets like this one and a bit of chat.  It's exclusive to BPC Members, if you haven't joined yet and would like to, send your mobile number to and we'll add your name.

Click here for Digital Camera tutorials