Saturday, 2 January 2021

2021 BPC Photography Competition

As we see the back of bad boy 2020 and look to, hopefully, better horizons for 2021, BPC launches a brand new photo comp which holds something for photographers of all genres and at all levels.

Based on four rounds or seasons, the competition allows members time to consider the images that they want to capture and at within nicely paced timeframe.

Here's how it works..

Four rounds/seasons per year

Season - Deadline - Subject

Winter - 1st April - Macro/closeup/abstract - from any genre

Spring - 1st July - Image taken outside - from any genre

Summer - 1st October - Light and/or shadow - from any genre

Autumn - 1st January (2022) - Food and drink - from any genre


Up to 10 points will be awarded for technical ability and a further 10 points for creativity/composition per photo per season, making a maximum annual score of 80 points available. Scores will be uploaded to the website for each season. Points will be awarded for a wide range of criteria including, but not limited to: clarity and detail, creative use of shutter speeds, best use of depth of field, detail retained across the whole image, effective use of lighting, creative composition and view point, using and/or breaking the rules of photography to good effect and capturing the 'decisive moment'.


1. Exclusive to BPC Members and free to enter.

2. One image per member per season, making a maximum of four images across the whole year (you do not have to enter all seasons, but this will affect your final score).

3. Deadlines and remits must be adhered to - please email or WeTransfer your image to

4. Post production image manipulation - please limit this to straightening and cropping only.

5. Although images may be taken at any time during the year, your seasonal submission must be made within the relevant season ie no carrying forward.

6. Images must be submitted as jpgs, with a file size no larger than 2Mb and the longest side of the image no greater than 2000 pixels.

7. All entrants retain copyright on their work but give permission for their image/s to be used on the BPC website and for publicity purposes.

8. The judge's decision is final.

Sunday, 20 December 2020

BPC Summer 2021 Exhibition - The Regal Cinema, Evesham

Evesham Festival of Words, working in partnership with Evesham's Regal Cinema, has invited Birlingham Photography Club to make a return visit to The Regal in June 2021 for a second exhibition of monochrome images.

Exhibition Brief

1.    All images must be the sole work of the author.

2.    The author retains copyright.

3.    Entry is exclusive to BPC members.

4.    Entry is free of charge

5.    Authors will pay for their own print and framing costs*

6.    All work will be in monochrome.

7.    The 2021 theme is 'Music' and photographers are encouraged to interpret this as broadly as possible.

8.    Deadline for framed work is 31st May 2021.

9.    The exhibition is subject to C-19 restrictions and changes may be made at short notice dependent on prevailing government guidelines.

10.   More information is available by emailing 

*Images may be portrait or landscape perspective and will have the same print area.  Prints will be made by the authors' chosen supplier, however, BPC organisers will arrange for mounting and framing at competitive prices to present the exhibition as one cohesive body of work.

Fancy a photo comp?

Whilst we continue to face the challenges of limited travel opportunities, the lack of social gatherings and generally staying at home it's easy to fall into something of a rut and whilst, for some of us, the pressure is on to do all sorts of work and care-related 'stuff', there are many who need to rekindle their mojo.

There are lots of opportunities for photographers to get involved and here are just a few.

Gloucestershire Writers' Network Winter Photo Competition


Make your image, taken in Gloucestershire during the winter of 2020 and can be of any genre but ideally something that celebrates the beauty, interest, intrigue, uniqueness and so on of this delightful county.  Entries should be made by 31st December 2020 and the top three, as judged but the GWN Committee, will be featured on the website.


1.    Photographs must be solely the work of the entrant.

2.    Submissions will be published on the GWN website with the authors name, subject to permission.

3.    Email entries to - deadline 31st December 2020.

4.    Include preferred contact details with the entry.

5.    All images must be made in Gloucestershire in the 2020 winter season.

Broadway Arts Festival 2021

A fabulous festival which includes several competitions for photographers and with cash prizes!

More information available at:


Is a year-round, free to enter, series of competitions open to anyone.  More information available at

Friday, 4 December 2020

Missed the 2020 Digital Image Competition Judging and Critique? Watch it here!

Our visiting judge, Terry Livesey, very kindly arranged for the whole judging and critique evening, held on Tuesday 1st December, to be recorded and here's the link...

Just click and away you go.


Tuesday, 1 December 2020

2020 Digital Image Competition - the results are in!

Many thanks to everyone who submitted images to the 2020 digital image competition, which was held on 1st December via Zoom.  Our visiting judge was Kidderminster-based, pro photographer and photography tutor, Terry Livesey -

Terry was presented with 57 images ranging from men to the moon!!  His job was to whittle the 59 down to just five, not an easy job, but as he suggested possible improvements around composition, cropping and lighting along the way, Terry came up with our Fab Five for 2020.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted

Here are the awarded images...

Ladybird by Lawrence Keen
"A lovely image, with the ladybird sharp throughout.  
Nice uncluttered background."

Deer Family at Charlecote by Elaine Castleford
"Three works well and having the stag look towards the
camera makes this image."

Lone by Clive Griffiths
"The centre horizontal line is beautifully lit and the stream, grasses and shore add interest.  
The whole image has a wilderness quality."

Beautiful Rose by Rose Finch
"The delicateness of this image works well with the conversion to impressionism."

And our winner is....
Drumroll please!

Essence of Elgol by Mark Waidson
"A powerful image with all the component factors working well together.
An inspired conversion to monochrome."

And here are all of the submissions, with the judge's bullet point observations...

St. Mary Magdalen Church
by Andy Young
"Nice composition, keep returning to get more interesting lighting".

You looking at me looking' at you
by Andy Young
"A cheeky portrait, with good colouring and feather detail.
 A little soft, possibly due to cropping".

by Ann Kinscott-Marsh
"Interesting shot taken from a low point, good sky and use of rule of thirds.
Would benefit from more light on the main subject"

by Ann Kingscott Marsh
"Lovely colouring and reflections, would benefit
from lightening the front of the boat".

 by Ann Kingscott-Marsh
"Lovely colours, light and composition".

The bridge
by Paul Marsh
"Nicely handled shot, retaining detail in shadows and highlights.
Would benefit from a slightly different composition."

by Clive Griffiths
"Mesmerising shot, taken with perfect timing
against a non- distracting background".

Waterfall country
by Clive Griffitch
"Nice long exposure and good colours. 
May benefit from flipping."

Early evening at Lower Slaugher
by Elaine Castleford
"Nicely captured at the right time of day
to get the light right."

The boathouse at Dudmaston Hall
by Elaine Castleford
"Nice composition but would be improved in
better light."

The river
by Graham Harber
"Like the use of making the image from the centre of the river.
Would benefit from some foreground interest."

A for abstract - Rainbow over Tiddesley Wood
by Jean Young
"Love the colour in the rainbows, a well seen shot.
Some branches are soft, might work well as abstract." 

Metamorphis in action - Ladybird pupae on hogweed seeds
by Jean Young
"A powerful image with a beautiful background.
Would benefit from using a deeper DoF or an image stack." 

The beauty of arable 'weeds'
by Jean YoungG
"Superbly captured rim lighting.  Nice to see the subject framed 
by the green background without breaking the horizon."

Golden ceiling
by Jim Fergusson
"Beautiful symmetry and honeyed tones. Great image".

World champion again
by Jim Fergusson
"A technically excellent shot, taken at a good angle to show
plenty of movement.  Could be improved by lightening the subject."

Sunset during lockdown
by Jim Fergusson
"The lovely composition of layers and gentle tones of the sky makes this image 3D.
There are a few dust spots which need dealing with." 

by Ken Fitch
"Beautifully sharp, nice colours, love the background".

Old man of Storr
by Ken Fitch
An atmospheric shot, like the amount of mist which falls behind, not in front.
Might benefit from conversion to monochrome."

by Ken Fitch
"An interesting image and the juxtaposition of the open water
and the beached wreck tells the story."

Curious puppy
by Kevin Williams
"A well handled shot with sharp foreground,
tapering into the background." 

Half moon rising
by Kevin Williams
A fantastic shot, well detailed, with good use of
 conversion to monochrome. 

Smoking can kill
by Kevin Williams
"A good use of still life against a well lit and imaginative background.
The whites around the teeth/mouth could be toned down a little." 

by Lawrence Keen
"A powerful images, taken with perfect timing. 
The non-distracting backgrounds adds to it."

Prince of Wales Bridge
by Lawrence Keen
Beautifully captured water, particularly the 'star lights',
the reflections and the city in the background." 

Out of the storm
by Mark Waidson
"Beautifully detailed shot, with lovely colours.
The balance of light an dark is excellent."

by Mark Waidson
"Not an easy shot to take but extremely well done."

Confetti picking
by Paul Marsh
"Nice colours with no over-saturation and the skin tone is excellent.
The people in the background add to the story."

by Paul Marsh
"A nice colour popped image which includes several
pathways from foreground to background."

Barcelona Cathedral de Mar
by Robert Edwards
"Beautiful colours, especially the sky and warmth in the stonework. 
The horizon my be out by a few pixels."

Early morning Croome
by Robert Edwards
"Good use of direct sunlight to create lovely reflections and shadows.
Could be improved with something at the end of the path".

Water Rail
by Robert Edwards
"The light on the bird's eye is good and the green works well.
The image is a little soft and would benefit from a faster shutter speed."

From Little Acorns
by Ros Barber
"A pleasant, earthy image with a good crop".

Our little family
by Ros Barber
"Nice sharp, well lit composition.  
The moisture makes the subject stand out in the frame."

We all need shelter
by Ros Barber
"Good lighting and the foreground packs a punch.  
Top LH corner is a little distracting."

by Rose Finch
"The clarity of this image is excellent agains a non-distracting background.
The eyes make it!"

Storm clouds
by Rose Finch
"A good composition using a muted pallet of colour
as the storm gathers in the background."

Beautiful Evesham
by Sheila Reed
"An excellent exposure and nice use of the blossom.
Could be improved with some foreground interest and reducing the
'clutter' behind the trees to the left ."

Lower Slaughter
by Sheila Reed
"Lovely reflections and interesting sky.
The brickwork could be toned down a little."

by Sonia Spurr
"Nice use of props, the heron needs more space to look into."

Leaf and water 
by Sonia Spurr
"A well spotted and composed image showing clear details and colour.
The highlights in the bottom LH corner are a slight distraction."

Seed heads 
by Sonia Spurr
"Beautifully set against the background.
Could be improved by lightening the heads which are against the blue sky."

Untitled #1
by Steve Reynolds
"An interesting view and brilliant use of light and texture on the frame.  
The bar could have distracted, but it actually adds to the image."

Untitled #2
by Steve Reynolds
"Love the sky and the detail in the boulders.
Might be improved by cropping some of the sea."

Untitled #3
by Steve Reynolds
"Nice composition with subject interest throughout."

Essence of spring
by Tissy Davidson
"A nice shot, well composed and using good depth of field.
Seeing more of the bird's eye would improve the image."

Flight of the oyster catchers
by Tissy Davidson
"A nice composition, taken at a good angle with plenty of
detail in the background.  Could be improved by a crop to the right."

Gimsoy Church at dawn
by Tissy Davidson
"A fantastic image with beautiful reflections and textures.
Could be improved by lightening the church." 

Doggy Lockdown
by Tony Woods
"Nice image and a good use of monochrome.
Some burned highlights, but that seems to work."

Pip the biker
by Tony Woods
"A nice gritty portrait, capturing pin sharp details
and the eyes are excellent.  The tight crop works well."

The mine manager
by Tony Woods
"Tells a good story.  Technically, the texture has been handled
well, the lighting and the pose are excellent."