Friday, 15 June 2018

Richard Barley Photography Workshop

Five go to Worcester!

A fantastic day yesterday (14th June) with Worcester top tog, Richard Barley!
The full day workshop included the basics of photography - in a nutshell, the exposure triangle.

Richard started the day by finding out what equipment we were using and what specific problems each of us needed to deal.

We then set our tripods up at Severn Quay and spend plenty of time working on exposure, shutter speed and ISO.  White swans on a dark background are not the easiest things to photograph, but with Richard's guidance we all managed to get something that wasn't blinking burned out highlights off the camera's viewing screen.

After a working lunch, we covered aspects of portraiture and with that came depth of field.

Richard's golden rule is start taking your photos from a standard combination of settings, he recommends:

Aperture (F-stop)         Shutter speed       ISO
       5.6                                   1/200             200            for outdoor photography
       5.6                                    1/60            1600            for indoor photography

He says, start with the above, keep the aperture at 5.6 and move the shutter speed and ISO to meet the specific needs of your camera, lens and the available light.

Everyone had an enjoyable day, learned a great deal and enjoyed the tog to tog exchange of ideas, help and advice.

Thanks Richard!

For more information about Richard Barley's training visit

Richard (right) helps Paul get to grips
 with various menu selections
By Irene Luck

Richard demonstrates his preferred app
which helps him to calculate depth of field
By Irene Luck

Swan Rescue feed the birds at the Quayside
By Angela Fitch

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Resizing in Mac

This top tip in from BPC Member, Paul Marsh...

1)  Open image with preview. (Paul suggests using a copy of original as the alterations are permanent).
2)  Select “TOOLS” , then “ADJUST SIZE”.
3)  Select “RESOLUTION”, change the number, see the result
(72 down to 40 gave me 3mb to 1MB) press OK to confirm.