Saturday, 26 October 2019

Black Friday deal on Affinity, Designer and Illustrator

Many thanks to Barbara for the following heads up...

If any members are thinking of buying Serifs Affinity Photo, Designer or Illustrator Programmes,  I received a good tip that they will be running a special ‘Black Friday’ deal - end of November(ish).  

They do a 10 day free trial on their website if you want to check it out.

Get on their mailing list to hear about the offer.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

BPC 2020 Weekend Bash - sells out in 8 hours!

Reserve list is now open

Many thanks to everyone who booked their places on the minibus for the 2020 BPC Weekend Bash - the bus sold out in eight hours!

We also have four people using their own cars, so if anyone would like to consider doing that please let me know and I can add you to the supplementary list so that you're included on all communications about the group meals, changes to the itinerary and so on.

If you would like to add your name to the reserve list please let me know.  This list, subject to demand, may turn into a list for a similar weekend event in autumn 2020 - no commitment at this stage and this will only run if there is sufficient interest to hire the minibus.

Those booked on the minibus will pay £10pp, which includes vehicle hire, vehicle insurance, driver (thanks Graham), fuel and car parking throughout the weekend.  I will collect the transport payments at the January BPC meeting.

Overnight accommodation may be booked at the Premier Inn, Morland Road, Glastonbury BA6 9FW.   

We shall stay overnight on the 4th April, make an early start for a sunrise photo shoot and then return to the hotel for breakfast at the adjoining Brewer's Fayre pub/restaurant and check out of the hotel.

The itinerary is action packed and there is a wet weather plan - just in case.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Starry, starry, cloudy night

Many thanks to Gareth Watson, from London Camera Exchange (LCE), Worcester for an excellent presentation on night sky photography.

Sadly the weather didn't play ball, however, all was not lost and the resourceful Gareth had devised his own 'Plan B' which, although can't compete with the real thing, gave BPC Members the opportunity to put some extreme camera settings into play and have a go.

So, with a set up of a trusty tripod and an LED torch playing the starring role, Birlingham Village Hall was plunged into darkness and the members set to work.

Congratulation to everyone who rose to the challenge, not an easy challenge, and thanks to Tony for sending in the two images below, which were taken in a room which was in total darkness!

f1.6, ISO 1250 and shutter speed of 10 sec

f4, ISO 3200 and shutter speed of 25 sec

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Happy Birthday BPC!

Happy birthday to BPC, which sees its third birthday this month.

Founded in September 2016 with just 16 members, the club has gone from strength to strength, with a current membership list of over 60.

Members continue to support each other with member led workshops and photo walks and the more recently formed 'Foundation Photography Group' has proved to be a big asset to members who want to leave their camera's auto setting behind and explore what some of the other buttons offer!

Founder BPC member,  Graham Harber, cuts the cake at the 3rd September meeting, which included a presentation by pro photographer Rae Prince

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Club Print Comp Winners

Congratulations... everyone who submitted photographs for BPC's first dedicated print competition as there really wasn't a bad one amongst them!

This year saw developments in offering two categories: Foundation and Experienced, which encouraged more members to enter, giving a delightful range of genres for our visiting judge, Claire Carter, to consider. 

Claire did an amazing job in talking about each photograph at length, highlighting the best parts in each image and offering some guidance where improvements could be made.  This light touch approach is perfect no matter what level the photographer has reached.

L-R: Tony Woods, Elaine Castleford, Steve Reynolds,
Angela Fitch, Graham Harber, Helen Barlow,
Claire Carter (Jan Robinson couldn't make the meeting) 

The winning photographs

Foundation:            Elaine Castleford for her punchy image of trailing car lights
Experiences:          Tony Woods for his pin sharp image of a diving kingfisher

Runners up

Foundation:            Elaine Castleford for her 'watercolour' image of Ladybower Reservoir
                               Helen Barlow for her monochrome image of power through the lines
                               Jan Robinson for her HDR image of people from the Ethiopian Hamar Tribe

Experienced:         Graham Harber for his ethereal image stormy skies over Scotland
                              Steve Reynolds for his dynamically geometric image of an RNLI lifeboat
                              Angela Fitch for her daring to be different portrait of an Ethiopian tribeswoman

Jim Fergusson also got a special mention from judge Claire for perfectly executed image of a Petronas Mercedes Formula One race car.

Many thanks to everyone who obviously took a massive amount of time to submit to a field of excellent images.

Heads up for the digital competition in December - all entries should have a file size of no more than 5Mb.  Exclusive to members, all genres welcome, up to three images per member, free entry, deadline for submissions to no later than midnight Sunday 24th November.  Peter Siviter will be the visiting judge for the digital competition.peter-siviter-dpagb

Monday, 17 June 2019

Flying Scotsman in Worcestershire

Ann sent this lovely image of a moment captured when the Flying Scotsman was in Worcestershire on Saturday 15th June - thanks Ann!

The Flying Scotsman
by Ann Kingscott-Marsh-Marsh

Also, many thanks to Andy for capturing this fantastic image of the Flying Scotsman as it sped through the county on its way to London Paddington.

Nice combination of technology both old and new!

Right time, right place eh Andy:-)

Flying Scotsman
By Andy Young

Sunday, 3 February 2019

HDR software - for free!

Aurora HDR 2018

If you have yet to reach page 72 of Digital Camera (issue 212) you're missing out on a free download.

Aurora HDR 2018 is perfect for your HDR images!

Raw or Jpeg, it shuffles your bracketed shots, aligning them as it goes and even deals with any ghosting that may have occurred.

Lots of presets to choose from and can be used as a plug in with Adobe LR, PS and Elements as well as Luminar and many other key brands doing the rounds.

Visit - you'll need your name and email address, but that's all they ask for.  Simply copy and paste the access code and away you go!

After watching the tutorial and half an hour playing with the presents, filters, layers etc. a total novice turned the top picture into the bottom one - not a work of art, but easily done and an improvement on the rather dull original.