Friday, 15 June 2018

Richard Barley Photography Workshop

Five go to Worcester!

A fantastic day yesterday (14th June) with Worcester top tog, Richard Barley!
The full day workshop included the basics of photography - in a nutshell, the exposure triangle.

Richard started the day by finding out what equipment we were using and what specific problems each of us needed to deal.

We then set our tripods up at Severn Quay and spend plenty of time working on exposure, shutter speed and ISO.  White swans on a dark background are not the easiest things to photograph, but with Richard's guidance we all managed to get something that wasn't blinking burned out highlights off the camera's viewing screen.

After a working lunch, we covered aspects of portraiture and with that came depth of field.

Richard's golden rule is start taking your photos from a standard combination of settings, he recommends:

Aperture (F-stop)         Shutter speed       ISO
       5.6                                   1/200             200            for outdoor photography
       5.6                                    1/60            1600            for indoor photography

He says, start with the above, keep the aperture at 5.6 and move the shutter speed and ISO to meet the specific needs of your camera, lens and the available light.

Everyone had an enjoyable day, learned a great deal and enjoyed the tog to tog exchange of ideas, help and advice.

Thanks Richard!

For more information about Richard Barley's training visit

Richard (right) helps Paul get to grips
 with various menu selections
By Irene Luck

Richard demonstrates his preferred app
which helps him to calculate depth of field
By Irene Luck

Swan Rescue feed the birds at the Quayside
By Angela Fitch

Friday, 8 June 2018

The Photographer Academy Big Photo Roadshow

How to photograph women

The Photographer Academy (TPA) is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, online training providers for photographers across the UK.

Online webinars and training films are accessible to TPA members and, in some cases non-members.  The roadshow is held at various locations, including Coventry and Bristol, which are the most convenient for Worcestershire-based photographers.

Tickets for the roadshow are £15pp and it's a good opportunity to meet fellow photographers, see what's happening in the 'world of consumables' (lots of stuff for wedding and portrait photographers) and to learn something new through the various seminars and demonstrations.

Check out the roadshow and the TPA as a whole at

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Resizing in Mac

This top tip in from BPC Member, Paul Marsh...

1)  Open image with preview. (Paul suggests using a copy of original as the alterations are permanent).
2)  Select “TOOLS” , then “ADJUST SIZE”.
3)  Select “RESOLUTION”, change the number, see the result
(72 down to 40 gave me 3mb to 1MB) press OK to confirm.

Richard Barley Lighting Workshop

BPC Members were able to hone their lighting skills at the May club meeting when one of Worcestershire's top photographers, Richard Barley, revealed the art of lighting in a studio setting.

Richard covered: flash, studio and natural lighting and gave Members plenty of time to try some of his suggested camera settings with Lucy, our model for the evening.

Richard has very kindly given BPC Members an excellent training day rate and the first date, which is fully booked, is scheduled for Thursday 14th June.  Other dates will be made available subject to demand.

Many thanks to Richard and Lucy for an excellent interactive workshop.  More information about Richard Barley can be found at

By Angela Fitch 

Lucy 01
By Kevin Williams 

Lucy 02
By Kevin Williams

Lucy 01
By Jim Fergusson

Lucy 02
By Jim Fergusson

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Latest news on Paperback Photographer!

Installed just four days ago, BPC's summer exhibition, Paperback Photographer, has yielded some unexpected results!

Not only was one image sold almost immediately, but another has spurred a local resident to join the library and another image has resulted in a local author approaching the photographer with a view to using his image as the book cover for one of her novels!

Added to the above there has been lots of interaction and comment, not least the lady who didn't like the way that the photographers' chosen titles were easily accessible as she peeped before she wrote her own idea on the 'guess sheet'!

Many thanks to Evesham Library for their support in staging the exhibition and to Evesham Festival of Words who has been instrumental in making the whole thing happen.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

First picture sold at summer exhibition!

Congratulations to BPC Member, Jim, who is the first person to sell at BPC's summer exhibition, running from now until 20th July at Evesham Library.

Jim Fergusson's image of umbrellas
Can you guess the title of the book he had in mind? 

The exhibition, entitled Paperback Writer, is part of Evesham Festival of Words.  Each image was captured with a book title in mind, the idea being that the image would make a good book cover for the chosen title.

All images are mounted, not framed, and are available to buy at £40 each as seen.
Contact for more information.

Evesham Library Art Exhibition Space - before 



BPC Summer Exhibition
Paperback Photographer
Each image could be the cover of the photographer's chosen book
Pop into Evesham Library and see if you can fit a title to the image!
Free entry - Closes 20th July 2018

BPC wishes to thank local framers, Picture Scene, for their care and attention in mounting the collection.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Foundation Photographers' First Meeting

If you tend towards auto settings on your camera and don't know your ISO from your White Balance, BPC's Foundation Photographers' Mini-group may be just what you need!

The aim is to provide member to member support so that the more experienced work with those who want to work in manual settings but need a little guidance to get them on the right path.

The mini-group is open to BPC members only, the meetings are casual affairs, held in the early evening at local pub restaurants.  It's free to attend, all you have to do is buy your own drinks and there is the opportunity to stay on for supper afterwards for anyone who would like to.

Thursday 24th May saw the first Foundation Photographers' Mini-group (FPM) meeting a The Orchard, Evesham.  Six FPs and two more experienced photographers worked on the basics - the exposure triangle.  Handouts were provided as aide memoires and self-set homework, to meet your own time availability and skill level, will help FPs to work on a couple of mini-projects between meetings.

The date of the next meeting is TBC - watch this space!